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Frequently asked questions

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Can the products be ordered with invoice for payment afterwards?
EU registered companies can order without prepayment. We will send an invoice for payment afterwards.

Can all photos be ordered?
All freelance aerial photos can be ordered.

Are all photos shown on the Flying Focus website?
Only a limited amount of our freelance aerial photos is shown on our website. You can ask us about a certain photo you are looking for. We can check our files and send you photosamples without any obligation.

Can I order other formats or larger amounts with discount?
Yes, state your request to

Is it possible to be updated with new publications?
If you like or follow our facebook page you will be notified about new publications.

Is it possible to sell the Flying Focus products ?
Yes, no problem, please contact Herman IJsseling via for all the options and possibilities.

Can I use the photos of Flying Focus for publications or social media?
All freelance aerial photos by Flying Focus are protected by copyright and can only be used after