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Info land objects

The weather conditions are a very important factor when taking aerial photographs of land objects. The weather needs to be clear and sunny, and preferably with only light cloud cover. However, not every sunny day is suitable. Haze, pollution and humidity can all have an effect. A successful aerial photograph of a very large area, such as the whole of Amsterdam , can only be shot on a few days a year. In general, aerial photography locations are photographed in combination with other objects, taking into account the best time. Of course, we can let our clients know the precise timing in advance so that they can take any necessary steps, like tidy up the location, hoist flags etc.

If a client wants us to photograph a special event, we can take to the air especially for the occasion. We will contact the client in advance to discuss the chances of success in connection with the expected weather conditions.

When we accept an assignment we like to be given a drawing of the object, which clearly shows the boundaries of the location, significant landmarks in the area, the colour of the roof, etc. The client may wish to use arrows to indicate the angle of the shot required.

An aerial photography assignment generally involves fifteen different colour shots, including a high resolution digital image of each shot. The client has the exclusive right of use for publications.