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The Flying Focus aerial photography aircraft are stationed at Texel International Airport giving easy access to all of the Netherlands and the North Sea.

The PH-PBL is a single-engined Cessna 172, which is specially equipped for aerial photography. The aircraft has special doors on both sides allowing for optimal movement of the cameras. Extra windows have been built in to give the best possible views when photographing ships. The aircraft is equipped with long-range fuel tanks allowing flights of up to 8 hours for long-distance assignments or flights in which large numbers of objects have to be photographed. Photographic flights over the sea can be carried out in less than optimal weather conditions. The PH-PBL is fully equipped for instrument flying in these conditions. A GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver has also been installed as an additional navigation system. A VHF radiotelephone connected to the intercom system has also been installed for radio communication with ships.

For general purposes we operate a Piper Super Cub. This aircraft can fly very slow and is used for aerial photography over land and inland waters.

Also based at Texel Airport is the twin-engined Cessna 337 Skymaster PH-FLF. One of the unique characteristics of this Cessna 337 is the twin-tail design, allowing its two engines to be fitted in a centre-line thrust configuration; the back-engine is pushing and the front-engine is pulling. This configuration allows safe slow flying, ideal for aerial photography. In case of failure of one of the engines the aircraft can climb and return to the airfield. Flying Focus has experienced an increasing demand for jobs at a large distance. The range of the PH-FLF is 1000 Nm, so photoflights can be ordered all over Europe. Another great advantage of the new aircraft is its ability to be operated with winds up to Beaufort 10. The first storm flights were a great success and spectacular photos were the result.

Combined with the two single engined aircraft Flying Focus now has an aircraft for every job and every location. Nearby the coast the small ones will be used and for far away locations and flights in heavy weather the Skymaster is the ideal tool for safe operations.