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Info ships

For many years Flying Focus has specialised in aerial photography for the shipping and offshore industries. We have three different aircraft which are specially equipped for flights over the sea. This means that we are able to carry out photography flights from the German Bight right through to the English Channel. We can also carry out aerial photography assignments over inland waters, as long as there is enough room to manoeuvre around the ship. Large areas of open water such as the IJsselmeer, Haringvliet and Hollands Diep are suitable for this purpose.

If you want us to photograph a ship, please let us know at least one day in advance of the photo session. We will note the ship’s telephonenumbers and emailadress so that we can contact the captain directly to determine the best place and time. We will also arrange a VHF channel so that we can also make contact from the aircraft. This may be important if we need to locate a ship in bad weather conditions. It also allows us to ask the captain to make a slight change of course so that we can photograph the ship in a better position on the sea or in the sun. If we have to photograph several ships at one time, the VHF radiotelephone is essential for us to set up the best formation from the air. If the client is not too sure of where or when the ship can be photographed, we can establish this ourselves with the help of charter companies, the coastguard or harbour services.

An important factor for the success of the aerial photo session is, of course, the weather. While sunshine is not essential, it is recommended. Certain weather conditions such as very poor visibility, low cloud or extremely heavy storms make photoflights impossible. In these cases we can continue to “track” the ship and make a new attempt the next time it sails along the coast.

An aerial photography assignment generally involves twenty different photos, including a high-resolution digital image of each shot. The client has the exclusive right of use for publications.