28 February 2023

Drones versus planes

Very often people ask me whether aerial photography from fixed wing planes is still economical in these times with drones. The answer is a simple but convinced yes! Of course,…
18 October 2020

Storm flight 25 september 2020

Friday morning September 25 I noticed some posts on social media about a pilot vessel in the southwest sailing out and expecting galeforce wind. Storm, really? Because the last days…
12 October 2020

Cessna 172

The good old Cessna 172 is still operated all over the world. This aircraft first flew in 1957 and since then 43.000 of them were built! What makes this aircraft…
3 March 2020

Our choice for the Cessna Skymaster

For many years we have been operating single-engine Cessna's over water, always much aware of our vulnerability and dependence of a good functioning engine. We never had engine trouble during…