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In Memoriam

Wednesdaymorning May 8 2013 a photoflight which began as normal ended in a terrible crash into the Northsea, 30 Nm offshore Egmond. Photographer Herman IJsseling survived and was rescued by the lifeboat Koos van Messel after more than 2 hours in 8 degrees Celsius water. Unfortunately pilot Brien van Wijk did not survive.

Brien and Herman have been flying together since 1999 and executed more than 1100 photoflights, some of these in extreme weatherconditions. They both started to investigate into the best twin-engined type of aircraft for photoflying during stormy weather which resulted in buying the Cessna 337 Skymaster in 2004. The most thrilling and spectacular flights have been made with this aircraft and with the mentioned team.

It is tragedy they both flew with winds up to 70 knots and it ended in the grey of a calm and foggy morning.

As a pilot and as human Brien is irreplaceable and will be missed very much!

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