At your service beyond the horizon & up to Beaufort 10!

For more than 30 years Flying Focus is specialized in maritime aerial photography. Since the
company’s start up in 1984 thousands of ships, seatrials, maiden voyages, special cargo transports,
oil platforms etc. have been photographed. Great exposure was generated by their photographic
work of ships in rough weather on the North Sea. The for this purpose especially acquired aircraft,
the twin engine Cessna Skymaster, can fly with winds up to 10 Beaufort!
All the 3 company owned photo aircraft are equipped with the required safety gear as well as
communication and navigation equipment. The aircraft are based at Texel international airport so nearly all maritime photoflights can be executed most efficient.
On a regular basis Fying Focus is operating for projects further away ranging from the Arctic
Circle to the Atlantic Ocean.


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